When debriefing becomes strategic

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Centro di Simulazione EESOA


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  • When simulation knocked at my door - SIMZINE
    1 month ago

    […] The inauguration of the University Hospital 4.0 Sede Rosario finally arrived on September 15, 2022. The facilities include a reception room identical to that of any hospital, an intensive care area, a hospitalization room, a pediatric/neonatology room, three outpatient clinics and an operating room. In each of these sectors we have gesell cameras that allow us to check the activities that are carried out and to coordinate them from our two control rooms. And finally, in my opinion, the most important place – the debriefing room. […]

  • Healthcare simulation in Istanbul: the RMK AIMES - SIMZINE
    2 days ago

    […] simulation sessions simultaneously from wall-mounted smart TVs. These rooms are also used for post-scenario debriefing […]

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