SoFraPa, at the forefront of medical simulation in Italy

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  • Simulation and theatre: a new synergy - SIMZINE
    2 months ago

    […] identify with the heart of the character on stage? The answer came from Paolo Innocenti, CEO of SoFraPa, a company specialized in the supply of simulators for medical, rescue and corporate security […]

  • Female Skin: How to improve CPR on women - SIMZINE
    2 weeks ago

    […] But how can these obstacles be overcome and the survival rate of women affected by cardiac arrest improved? By way of a more inclusive CPR training, which takes into account the anatomical characteristics of the female body. Currently, most CPR simulators feature a male torso. How many of you have practiced on a manikin with breasts? And how many have trained on a man’s chest instead? The difference between the two groups is abysmal, we know it, but precisely for this reason it is essential to find solutions capable of accommodating diversity and making simulation more realistic. One of these is Female Skin by PractiMan (distributed in Italy by SoFraPa). […]

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